Softball Co ed Sunday's

Posted Thu, Feb 4 by Robert from Jacksonville, FL in Teams and Groups / 5 replies

  • Robert's team needs people on Fri, Feb 14 at 1:10 AM

    Sunday Co ed softball league looking for players in the Fort Caroline area.
  • Eric replied Tue, Feb 9

    I live in that area and looking to join a team. I've played on quite a few CO-ed teams before through Jax Scene. if you're still looking for players I'd definitely be interested. if you could email me with some more info that'd be great.
  • C.L. replied Tue, Feb 23

    I'm willing to me
  • Tyler replied Wed, Mar 2

    I would love to play!! email me at
  • Ajay replied Sat, Apr 1

    Would like to join the team. Please do email at
  • Nick replied Sat, May 20

    I would like to play also
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